Difficult Songs on Broadway

Broadway superstars make singing look easy! However, there are many difficult songs on Broadway that require serious vocal capabilities!

“Rose’s Turn” Gypsy

Stephen Sondheim will nothing if not offer his actors unimaginable material to figure with – and this stellar eleven o’clock variety from “Gypsy” isn’t any exception. Rose sings the song towards the top of Act II once she finally admits she’s been pushing her daughters towards fame to measure vicariously through them. It’s not as melodic as different songs in “Gypsy,” however what pushes “Rose’s Turn” over the sting isn’t essentially the musical quality, however the emotional work that has to get in the performance. The audience has been questioning the motivations of this character for the total show, and here, she finally admits what they’re. once done right, it is often alarming – full of ambition, sadness, anger – all of it.

“Pity the Child” Chess

When you consider street, you think that of massive, brassy show tunes. Well, “Chess” positively isn’t the example street musical, with music written by ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson and lyrics by Ulvaeus and Tim Rice, however, that nearly makes it tougher to tug off. The song starts off slow, simply a person singing over a piano, reminiscing regarding his horrifying childhood and the way it affected his life. But then, the drums hit – and therefore the song becomes additional of a robust rock anthem, wherever the notes get higher and better because the song goes on. It needs a significant quantity of power and varies, furthermore because of the ability to tug off the rostrum rock sound that offers the song its edge.

“So much Better” Legally Blonde

If you’re keen on the street, then you’re keen on an honest belt – and particularly an honest belt sustained note at the top of a giant variety. At the top of Act I within the 2007 musical version of “Legally Blonde,” Elle Woods finds out she landed an Associate in Nursing berth with faculty member Callahan, even if nobody expected her to. She breaks out into this rousing song, which incorporates a euphemism of heaps of movement, dancing, and running around the stage. this can be off from solely|the sole} variety within the show that needs Associate in Nursing unbelievably in-shape performing artist – “Whipped Into Shape” could be a physical deed in and of itself that we have a tendency to may only dream of making an attempt – however that final, long, joyous note in “So abundant Better” gets the U.S. whenever.

“Your Fault” Into the Woods

When have you ever acknowledged the composer to form things straightforward on his actors? ne’er, and particularly not in “Into the Woods.” There are many very troublesome, wordy songs to sing – “On the Steps of the Palace” involves mind – however, the pacing challenge that’s “Your Fault” is while not a doubt the toughest song within the show. the amount is quick and full of such a big amount of words that even a number of the simplest singers can’t wrap their mouths around them. Not solely that, however, it’s additionally got multiple singers concerned – thus you’ve got a bunch of people to stress regarding. Did we have a tendency to mention it’s fast? And wordy? It’s simply extremely onerous. Props to anyone UN agency will pull it off.


These difficult songs on Broadway are a demonstration of pure class! They demonstrate the vocal prowess of the Broadway stars!

And they are part of the greatest shows!

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