Stars We Want to See on Broadway Stage!

As Broadway fans, we crave any appearance of mainstream stars on stage. They carry their own charisma and make musical theater a bit more diverse!


When it comes to future superstars, Disney knows how to pick them up, and Zendaya wowed us with her performance in Disney Channel’s “Shakes,” in which she starred alongside Bella Thorne. Re-write the stars, ‘and she asked viewers for more in her second season.

Before taking Hollywood by storm, Zendaya studied and worked as a dancer and can sing, play and perform. Fans of “Panic at Disco” got an unexpected but welcome surprise when news of Brendon Ury’s Broadway debut surfaced.

Brendon Urie

Blessed with a wide range and irresistible charm, Urie deserves to be mentioned as a better modern frontman than the musician. It would be a shame to limit a star’s talent to one industry, and while “Kinky Boots” has got off to a great start, there are dozens of shows begging for Ury’s magical voice. Reviews for “Panic at the Disco” and its sequel “The Musical” have been overwhelmingly positive and have proved to be outstanding Broadway musicals.

Anna Kendrick

But the star’s true calling is acting, and equally gifted in comedy and drama, Kendrick should be able to slip into countless Broadway shows without missing a beat. Anna Kendrick has delighted moviegoers with occasional songs and dance numbers since then, but her real talent lies in her acting. After winning the Oscar for Best Actress in a Musical in 2012 for her role in “Avenue Q,” 12-year-old Anna Kendrick is bringing her talent to Broadway.

She would certainly be one of Broadway’s best girls!

Chris Pine

Chris Pine happens to be one of those celebrities, and although he doesn’t grace the Broadway stage, he’s appeared on television, won an Emmy for his role in “Lieutenant Inishmore,” and has since devoted himself to character-related projects.

Ariana Grande

Since joining Nickelodeon, the pop star has devoted most of her energy and time to the music scene. Ariana Grande is one of the most successful pop stars in pop history after releasing three chart-topping albums in five years.

Since joining Nickelodeon, Ariana has been cast in Broadway musicals after winning a National Youth Theatre Association award. Anyone who has heard her cry “I love you” knows that Ari can sing, but her acting has been more than dismissed. She’s proved she can play certain roles very skilfully and she’s one of the more laid-back stars in acting.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a famous producer, songwriter, and singer, but she is also a star in her own right. Being born a star should dispel any concerns about her acting skills, and the born-so-singer loves to add an element of showmanship to her performances.

After a hugely successful tour and a disturbing appearance on American Horror Story, Lady Gaga is a star who seems capable of anything. She and Broadway are such a star that the fact that this hasn’t happened yet is truly shocking.


We’ve seen multiple stars cross over to the Broadway stage. But these celebrities haven’t graced the greatest musical stage…yet.

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