Love Songs on Broadway

When it comes to love songs, Broadway is unmatched! Many mainstream and movie songs originated on stage. Here are the best love songs on Broadway!

“All the Wasted Time” (Parade)

This is what happens when you underestimate David Yazbek’s score and it’s caught in a show where the love song doesn’t begin. You might be surprised to find such a delicate song in the middle of a musical about a male stripper. Rather than an unrequited crush, Eponine’s lament is the purest articulation of an all-consuming love.

It is a mythological story of great significance, which then focuses on the attractiveness of personal connection and is the perfect accompaniment to a song about love.

“You Walk With Me” (The Full Monty)

The Barrets is a love song about a woman you want to marry, and Brides is a love song about human connection. The two songs are inextricably linked, of course, but this is an overwhelmingly moving musical theatre, not only in terms of the music, but also the lyrics.

“On My Own” (Les Misérables)

It is hard to compete with the plaintive longing somewhere in between, which is all the more devastating because the things that happen around them happen like this. Nine is a musical full of complicated relationships, full of love, but also a lot of heartbreak. The night is full of screams, the strongest person is the scream, but it is also the strongest song of the whole show.

“Origin of Love” (Hedwig and the Angry Inch)

It’s a show with more love songs than not, and selecting the most romantic of them is a challenge. Francesca and Robert don’t end up together, they are tied up and tied up, locked up, but when Robert sings, “Don’t turn around and rewind,” it’s all about them. This is one of my favorite songs in the whole show, not only because of the song itself, but also because of the very unusual way it makes you cry. I would argue that it ends with a second of “A million Miles” because that’s what really defines these two songs.

“The Proposal/The Night Was Alive”

It’s one of the most romantic songs of the whole show, but it’s also the one with the best ending and the only one I’m really proud of.

With a small lyrical change, “Unworthy Love” becomes a tender love song between man and woman. Suddenly Seymour is a waitress whose goals and affairs are simple and pure, and there’s no need for any romance of “I’m a Woman” or any other romantic song.

Given how much Audrey has been abused and underestimated and abused, this is a moment of enormous catharsis. It’s a haunting reminder of Audrey’s self – consciousness and her own vulnerability, and it’s one of the most powerful songs of the entire show.

“Somewhere” (West Side Story)

This enchanting evening does not try to explain love, but it can explain it, and I can tell you why. The wise men never try, the fool never gives a reason, no love can be explained, “and it is one of the most powerful songs of the whole show.

The Bridges of Madison County, it’s hard to pick a love song from the past five years that’s as heartbreaking as Jason Robert Brown’s show. Everyone knows Jamie and Cathy are doomed, but even that can’t undo the love between them and their love for each other.

“Who are You? Aaron Burr, Sir!”

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