Leslie Odom Jr, Sir!

Leslie Odom Jr., born in Queens, New York, in 1981 and raised in Philadelphia, made his Broadway debut at 17 as a surrogate in Rent.

Early Career

Leslie Odom Jr. studied acting at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and moved to Los Angeles after graduating in 2003. He then studied acting at the School of the Art Institute of New York City at the University of Pennsylvania and acting at Columbia University before returning to the USA in 2004.

During his years at Carnegie Mellon, he and fellow student Megan Hilty had a close friendship with fellow actor and future husband Chris Odom. Soon after, he began to accumulate a number of recurring roles in Broadway musicals, such as “Vacancy,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “Avenue Q,” but later that year he got a role in the show, which fittingly revolved around Broadway actors competing for roles. The musical was originally staged on Broadway in 2012, appeared on the recording, and earned his the role of “Leap of Faith.”


Music and lyrics by Marc Shaiman were recorded in a pseudo-Broadway cast released by Columbia in 2013. Smash, “which ran for two seasons and culminated in an Emmy nomination for best drama series for Odom and a Golden Globe Award for outstanding lead actress.

Odom, meanwhile, married actress Nicolette Robinson and after more television appearances, began playing Aaron Burr in Lin – Manuel Miranda’s musical “Hamilton.” Inspired by the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton and his role in the founding of the USA, it was planned that a musical version of this story would show Odom as Hamilton and Robinson as his wife Roxanne.

Aaron Burr, sir!

The singer, actor, and dancer appeared as Aaron Burr on Broadway in “Hamilton” in 2015 and won the Tony Award for best actor in a musical, beating Miranda as Alexander Hamilton. In 2014, Odom also released his first solo album, “Odom,” and he played more than half of the tracks. American musical that topped the Billboard charts in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Musical Career

In June 2016, S Curve released an updated version of “Odom,” a re-release of his first solo album, which featured three songs and four more, including “Left, Right, Left,” “Jule St. John” and “The Last Christmas.” “It’s Me,” as well as a cover of Jules Verne’s song “Somewhere,” Odom said he has plans for a second album, a jazz album with a different title, to be released later this year and make it into the Billboard 200 and Top 40. The re-releases reached number one on the Billboard Jazz Charts, number 147 on the US Jazz Charts, and the Top 40 in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. It also reached the Billboard 200, reaching number 147 in Australia and number 1 in Canada and Australia.

A deluxe edition followed in 2017 with four additional tracks, and Odom appeared on the cover of New York Times Jazz Magazine’s “Jazz Magazine.”

This year he had a recurring role in the CBS series “One Dollar” and a year later in the Harriet Tubman biopic “Harriet.” Never Learn, “in March 2018, and recorded with the likes of John Coltrane, John Prine, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Leslie Odom Jr. and his third album, his first with his own songs, will be released in November 2019 on S – Curve. How to take a risk and aim higher, a collection of Odom’s songs from his debut album and second album.

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