Top 5 motivational songs on Broadway today

What separates musical theater from all other active art genres is that it has it all! It takes the best from music, theater, and cinema, puts it in a blender, and pours it on stage. That is why the plots are amazing, the costumes are shiny, the acting is on point, and the music is Top! Here are the five best motivational songs on Broadway that will have you singing, dancing, and chanting at least a week after the show!

Revenge party (Mean Girls on Broadway)

Mean Girls” provides a truckload of amazing songs (“Apex Predator”, “I’d rather be me”, and “Meet the Plastics” among the rest). The trio of Cady, Janis, and Damian plots and sets in motion their revenge against The Queen Bee Regina George. They take away “Regina’s only achievement – being a hot person”. They do this by high-calorie bars that make her fat. And then they celebrate it all with “a party with dresses and cake, and singing and cake”. And an axe. They celebrate their huge win, but what they don’t know is that they are on the brink of their own downfall. Regina, Regina! 

Welcome to the Rock (Come from Away)

Broadway Canadian Style! The longest-running Canadian musical on Broadway is famous for two things – giving us a theatrical take on Operation “Yellow Ribbon”, and the hospitality of the locals, who find a common ground with every single of the stranded passengers, the so-called “come from aways”. The second one – all of the songs (but one – “Me and the Sky”) were performed by the ensemble. 

The stranded passengers were treated by the utmost hospitality by the locals. Many of them found a common ground, like Beulah Cooper and Hannah O’Rourke, both mothers to firefighters. Hannah’s son is a firefighter in Brooklyn. Beulah gave her best to comfort her while Hannah tried to reach her son. Others find love, while some find the understanding they lacked in the more “civilized” world.

We will still go on!

My Shot (Hamilton)

How does a b*stard, orphan, son of a w*ore, and a Scotsman become Washington’s right-hand man, First Secretary of Treasury? From a forgotten spot in the Caribbean to a US Founding Father? Well, as the song goes – by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter.

“My Shot” is the punch-line of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s super hit. Alexander Hamilton is the embodiment of the United States at that time – young, scrappy, and hungry. A diamond in the rough. But full of ideas and energy, and opportunistic enough to take his shot!

The Wizard And I (Wicked)

A by far calmer song when compared to the rest. 

Elphaba sings about her dreams of meeting her idol – The Wizard of Oz, the almighty ruler of the Land of Oz. 

He has spotted the talent of the young, weird green-skinned girl, thus fulfilling her dream. And she dreams on – for doing good, and making the rest proud of her! Just like her, we all have our dreams, and that is why this song is so close to any of us. We dream and we admire. An amazing song, defining the first part of the show. 

Oh, sweet Elphaba, you’re so close to…shattering your dreams. You are not Wicked…yet.

You will be found (Dear Evan Hansen)

Feeling like nobody was there? Forgotten? That you could disappear? Face it we’ve all been there.

The story of the socially-anxious teenager Evan Hansen is familiar to every one of us. Remember, you are not alone. There’s always some who would give you a hand. 

You are not alone. You will be found.

These songs, despite being totally different in style are a must in your playlist when it comes to motivation. Just remember that if you’re down, having a hard start, or feeling in grave danger, musical theater provides an escape, be it by motivation, or by the sheer power of art. These motivational songs on Broadway are just a small part of a huge list of songs for every mood and situation. 

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